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No-Sew T-Shirt Pillow

After working an 11-1/2 hour day today, I didn’t really have much ambition to do a project when I got home.

I’d thought about making some really delicious looking pumpkin donuts, but after reading through the recipe, I needed a mini donut pan which I obviously didn’t have or you would be reading about how scrumptious the donuts were.  So I went with Plan B – making a no-sew T-shirt pillow thanks to the awesome directions from MODgrls.


All you need is an old T-shirt and some stuffing.  By the end of this project, I found out why they called for an X-Large T-shirt instead of a Medium or Large.  The X-Large gives you way more room to work with so that you can have longer strands to tie.  Guess I’ll have to raid some of my dad’s XX-Large shirts!

Anyway, lay the T-shirt out and draw a chalk line around the area you want to have showing when it’s done.   I just used some of my granddaughters sidewalk chalk for this.


Cut 3″ outside of your chalk line.  I didn’t have quite 3″ because of the size of the shirt.


Then make 1″ wide slice marks to your chalk line.  You can pitch the corners because they won’t be needed.


Then start tying your strands in knots most of the way around.


I left the middle four sets on the end open so that I could stuff it with polyfill.  You could also use a pillow form if you had one.  Or if you have a grandma with lots of pantyhose, those would work, too.


After filling it to your liking, tie the remaining sets of strands together and you have a cute little pillow.  Next time I’ll definitely try and find a bigger T-shirt or one with a smaller design on the front.


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