Let's Get Crafty

Sugar Scrub Cubes

I was trying to think of something quick to make this morning, so after seeing Rustic Escentuals post on sugar scrub cubes, I decided to give them a try with what I had available at home.


I still had some melt and pour soap cubes from a prior project, granulated sugar, some epsom salts, and some eucalyptus massage oil that I never had a reason to use.


Before starting anything melting, I wiped the insides of an ice cube tray with some olive oil so that the cubes would pop out after they had set.


I figured three cubes should be enough for this project.  Toss them in a measuring cup and melt them in the microwave at 30 second intervals until melted.  It just took me a minute and they were ready.


I added 3/4 cup of granulated sugar to the glycerin soap base.


Then I added two tablespoons of the massage oil and 1/4 cup of epsom salts for my exfoliant.

This was getting super thick, really fast so I popped it back in the microwave another 10 seconds to get it a little more liquid.  Probably should have put it in for another 30, but hopefully I’m learning from this experience.


I “poured” it out onto the ice cube tray and smushed the mixture into it.


Three cubes of pour and melt soap were enough to fill nine places in the tray.  I tried to push the mixture into the cubes a little bit.


While waiting for the cubes to set, I figured I needed some place to store the finished product.  Thanks to an obsession with Bath and Body candles, I had an empty container available.  I also had some extra decorative cord from making Renaissance costumes a few years ago.


I started by super gluing the end to the mid back of the jar.


A few wraps later, I cut the cord off and glued it in place.


After about half an hour, I plopped my cubes out of the ice cube tray.  They probably could have been smushed down a little more into the tray, but I think they’ll work fine.  If I would have pressed them in too hard, I don’t think they would have worked as well in the tub.

Sugar Scrub Cubes

I put eight of the cubes into the jar and took the other one with me to try and relax in a hot bath. The cubes worked wonders on my gnarly elbows and I came out smelling really nice:)  It probably would have been more relaxing without the cat trying to play with the bubbles in the tub compliments of some eucalyptus bubble bath!


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