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Toffee and Chocolate covered Fritos bars

I was in the mood for something salty & sweet, so I made a snack I remember from parties years ago.  Fritos with cooked toffee and chocolate on top.

2013-09-01 20.06.00

Supplies: 1 bag of frito chips, 2 sticks real butter, 1 cup dark brown sugar, 1 bag semi sweet chocolate chips, and reynolds wrap.

Cover your pan with aluminum foil & spray with cooking spray.

2013-09-01 20.07.08

Open one end of the chips & smash them in the bag until they are in small chunks.  Trust me, if you start squishing the chips before you open the end of the bag (which I’m sure you’d never do, but I may have done before when in a hurry!), you will blow chips all over your room.

2013-09-01 20.11.03

Then put 2 sticks of butter in a thick bottomed sauce pan on medium and let it slowly melt.  You don’t want to cook it too hot or the butter will brown.  Next stir in the 1 cup of brown sugar.  It will take some whisking to get it well blended.  Turn the heat up and as soon as you see it bubbling, turn your timer on for 1 minute.  Keep whisking until the time is up.  When done, it will be a nice thick brown toffee.

2013-09-01 20.16.22

Pour it in a slow stream over your chips trying to cover them as completely as possible.  A few uncovered spots are okay, so you don’t have to get too worried about it.

2013-09-01 20.18.26

Next, sprinkle the chocolate chips over top and after they’ve had a chance to melt, spread them out with a spatula.

2013-09-01 20.27.34

You  can put this in the fridge for 45 minutes or so until set or just let it set out over night.  Break into chunks and enjoy.  You can store in a covered container in the fridge for a week but they taste best within the first couple of days because the chips get soft.

2013-09-02 15.25.26

Nothing better than a sweet & salty snack!


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