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Can You Hear Me Now Quiet Book Page

I remember when I was growing up I just loved going to our neighbor ladies house because she had a quiet book.  It was the kind with zippers, buttons, snaps and hooks and I always thought it was the neatest thing.

Searching the internet you can find literally thousands of different pages, so I thought I’d start trying to make a page here and there to put together for my granddaughter when it’s closer to Christmas.


First I looked around the house and found a variety of fabrics and notions.  Unfortunately since I’ve moved recently, I can’t find any snaps, hooks, zippers, etc.  It’s really frustrating that it’s somewhere here.   I just don’t know where!


I needed a template to cut my pages and settled on a box of lights.  Come to find out, it’s about the same size as a sheet of felt.  I chose more vintage looking fabrics to use for the pages rather than using felt because I figured cloth would wash better if it ever needed washing.


After cutting out some blank “pages”, I had to figure out what to put on it.  Since I didn’t have snaps to do any of the cute pages that require them, I decided to go 21st century and make a page that utilized an old cell phone.

I had some vinyl – no idea why, but for some reason I had red, beige and baby blue vinyl – and cut a square out of the red to make a pocket to hold the phone.


Next I added a button to the top of the pocket and then attached some thin elastic cord to the fabric that will be behind the phone.


The elastic goes over the phone and around the button to hold the phone in place.


Then I cut the end off of the phone charger and sewed it towards the bottom of the page.  So that the end would be covered, I put a strip of felt at the bottom.  Now my granddaughter can “charge” her phone after calling me:)


For the back side of the page (or front page depending on how I put the pages together in the book), I grabbed some double fold bias tape and found my jar of odds and ends of washer, nuts, etc.  There’s even a spinner from a fishing jig on there, but luckily my dad doesn’t read our blog!

I sewed the tops of the bias strips down first, then strung some of the hardware on to them.   After stringing them with hardware, I stitched the bottoms of the bias tape in place.  Then I cut two pieces of felt, one for the top of the page and one for the bottom to cover the ends of the tape and sewed them on with a decorative stitch.  I just got a new sewing machine, so what better way to try out all of the cool stitches available!


I placed my two pages wrong sides together and found a package (which is probably antique) of wider bias tape to use as a border to join the two pages together.


I pinned the tape all of the way around the page and tried to make the corners not look too busy, then stitched around it using a zig zag stitch to try and catch everything.

Quiet Book 1

And there you have it!  My first page of hopefully many for Twyla’s quiet book.


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