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Sugar scrub: Make your own

I woke up this morning and was kind of singing to myself as I came downstairs.  I had slept in a bit, and was thinking how great it was to have a day where I didn’t really have anything I needed to do.

Then I went to the counter in the kitchen and got ready to make coffee.  As I was filling the pot with water, I looked out the kitchen window.  Well, there went my plans.  I knew it rained and the wind blew last night.  I woke up and thought our poor dog was having a rough time since he is petrified of storms.  But, I didn’t expect to see our entire slab in front of our garage covered in huge limbs from our ancient Bradford pear.

I yelled to Tony to come look.  As we were looking we noticed the limbs were caught in the power line to the garage.  What a great thing to happen on a Sunday on Labor Day weekend.  😦

So, he grabbed the chain saw, I got the four-wheeler and clippers and we went to work.  When I went to the garden shed, I saw an evergreen by the pool had been uprooted as well.

So, we went to work on the trees to try and clean up as much as we could.  Tony’s on call and sure enough he was called out at 11 am and now won’t be home until tomorrow sometime.  Before he left he showed me how to hook a rope to the 4 wheeler, make a loop and hook it onto the limbs to drag them to the burn pile.

Several hours later, I am done for the day.  Sore, sweaty, tired and ready to relax.  I was trying to think of something simple to make for my 365 day blog challenge, and then found the perfect thing.  I wanted to take a “spa” bath and realized I was out of sugar scrub.  I love the scrub from Bath & Body, but can make it cheaper at home.

So, I gathered my supplies.  Cane sugar, brown sugar, white sugar, & honey.  Olive oil and scents.  Jars with lids to put it in. That’s it, it is pretty simple!

2013-09-01 16.47.14I don’t measure anything, except when I bake, so this is what I did.  I had about 1/3 of a bottle of cane sugar.  I put that in the bowl and added 1/3 bag of brown sugar and the same amount of white sugar.  Then I put in a few tablespoons of honey just because I like the way it makes my skin feel.

Then I added the olive oil.  You can use almond oil or other oils, but this is one I can purchase locally and always have on hand.  Just add enough until all the sugar is damp, but not soupy.

Next I added scents I had on hand.  I filled each jar only 1/2 full since these are just for me and I like to have several scents to choose from.  If they were for gifts, I would fill them completely and put raffia ribbon around the rim.

Lemon, orange-ginger, eucalyptus and jasmine vanilla are the scents I used today.  There are  a lot of other scents  I like, but these are what I had on hand.  I buy essential oils for use in this type of thing.  You can make salt scrubs too, but to me they can sting especially after shaving.

2013-09-01 17.03.09

I had these little Ball jars on handy and they are really convenient for this.  If they are gifts, I would put a little label here on the top saying what it is, etc.

2013-09-01 17.03.24I hope you enjoy yours.  I know I enjoy mine! 🙂


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