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Homemade Citronella torch for the patio

I’ve seen these really cute homemade citronella torches made out of recycled bottles and decided to try it.  So, I purchased new wicks and some glass “rocks”.  I already had tiki torch oil on hand.  We have brass tiki torches but the last time I put oil in, one of them had sprung a leak and was empty the next day.  Repairing that is on my list of to-dos as well.


Now that I have all of my supplies gathered up, this project should be pretty quick.  I will just put in the glass beads, fill the container with oil (using a funnel) and then put in the wick.  This will have to sit for a bit, because the oil needs to be drawn up the wick so that it is soaked clear through and burns properly.

DSC00222We fashioned a wick holder out of an old washer.  Putting the wick in was the last step.  Tony said we needed some way to make sure the wick didn’t fall in, so off to the garage we went.  He found a washer and we pushed the wick through this and down into the oil.


Then we took it outside and lit it on fire.  We had to wait a few more minutes for the oil to draw up through the wick and then it took off.  You can see the tattoo art on the inside of the bottle which I think is pretty cool.  Without the lights on outside, the rocks barely show up.  But, the more rock you use, the less oil you need.

DSC00224Night all.  Gonna sit out on my patio and enjoy!


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