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Two-Ingredient Ice Cream Muffins

Well, I figure I’d better blog about the not so good with the good, so I remembered seeing a recipe when my kids were younger for muffins made out of nothing except ice cream and flour.

I decided to try them again, recalling that they didn’t turn out quite as pretty as in the magazine back then.

All you supposedly need is a pint of ice cream – any flavor, and two cups of self-rising flour.


My ice cream was really soft because I had to drive 45 miles from the grocery store in scorching weather!


I plopped the ice cream into the flour and began stirring.  I noticed that it wasn’t absorbing quite all of the flour and my batter looked more like dough for salt-dough ornaments:/


I went ahead and put the batter into a sprayed muffin tin and thought maybe while cooking they would thin out and start to look nicer.

I baked them in a 425 degree oven for 20-25 minutes.


The final result was muffins that resembled drop biscuits more than muffins.

Trying to troubleshoot my mishap, I decided maybe the flour in my canister wasn’t self-rising but possibly all purpose instead.  I also should have probably added a little milk after seeing how thick the batter was.

Oh well, they taste okay and I might put a couple at the bottom of a bowl this evening with some more ice cream.  Waste not, want not:)


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