Let's Get Crafty

Muffin tin candles

Next up: my attempt at little candles to put in my floating centerpieces.  I priced these out online and they were running about $1.50 a piece.  If these work out they will cost about 33 cents.  I may have to buy wicks or figure out how to make my own or buy better scent.  We will see how this works. 🙂

Gulf Wax for $2.79 a pound at Walmart.  Oddly enough, this is not to be found with the canning supplies (although it is for canning), or with the craft supplies (even though it is for making candles), but it is right where i should have looked: with the jello! Haha!  Gotta love it!

gulf waxI also picked up some 97 cent warming oils.  I am hoping this works well, and will be able to tell you more after I burn the candles and after some time has passed.

wmart essential oilsI just chopped the wax up.   It says you can shred it–but I am, as always, looking for the quick & easy way!  I tried melting it in the microwave, but as some minutes passed, and no results were to be seen, I switched to a double boiler. Perhaps I should have shredded the wax?

gulf wax choppedNope, it was all good.  After not too much time had passed, all of the wax was melted.  I then poured in the whole 8/10 of an ounce of oil and stirred it well.

Meanwhile, I grabbed my twine again and braided some and left some in singles to see which worked best.  Until I can make it to a city, I will have to pass on the premade wicks and the hooker-dealios on the bottom.  So, plan b is just to soak them in salt water and then dip them a couple of times in melted wax and then let them harden a bit.  I soaked the string in cold salt water & then dipped it in melted wax 3 times.

Now it is time to pour the wax into the muffin tins.  I sprayed them liberally with cooking spray and then let the wax cool down a bit, which also gave the string time to harden up a bit.  I then cut pieces of string into about 1 1/2″ lengths and set them aside.  Then I poured the wax in the muffin tins.  I was going for about 1″ of wax, but just ended up pouring all of them almost full to use up the full pound of wax.

After that had a good film of top, I pushed the string into the center of the candles and let them set.

They are hardening up nicely and so far smell divine.  I will remove them when they are set and put them to the burn, smell & float tests.

2013-08-30 21.15.33

I just gently pulled on each wick and the candles slid right out of the tins, thanks to the cooking spray!  The wicks are burning well and they smell good-but aren’t smelling up the whole house, so I might need to work on that.


I ended up with a dozen candles.  Next time, I might try different shaped tins.DSC00219

And they float!DSC00220


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