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Scarf made out of Old T-Shirts

If you’re like me, you have tons of old T-shirts that aren’t worn anymore, but you really don’t want to just trash them or give them away.  I had seen a picture online of a scarf made out of T-shirts, but there were no instructions at all, just a picture so I decided to try my luck.


I went upstairs and grabbed six or seven T-shirts that I thought would be appropriate for this.


I cut the sides and neck off to a size that I felt would work pretty well.  No measuring, just cutting.


I even cut some smaller strips so that it wouldn’t be boring.


Then I stacked the backs beside the fronts so that they would all be in the same order.


Sew them together right sides facing only on the tops and bottoms of the panels.  You’ll end up with two long strips – the front pieces and the back pieces.

After you have your two strips, lay them out with right sides facing and start sewing them together.  I left one end open so that it could be turned right side out again.


Put your entire arm in the tube and grab the end seam.  Pull it through so that the scarf right side out.


I didn’t really care about how pretty it turned out, so I folded the top inside and stitched close to the edge.  If you want it to look nicer, I’d hand stitch it with a hidden stitch.


I guess you can sort of see the final product.  My arms aren’t quite long enough and I didn’t want to break my camera by including my head!  I think it turned out okay for not having any instructions.


3 thoughts on “Scarf made out of Old T-Shirts

  1. That is a great idea! I’ve made a ton of pillows out of old t-shirts but I don’t think I have anyone else to give them to at this point. This will definitely be next on my list.

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