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Toddler Dress from an Old Sweater

I was searching for something to make tonight and decided to turn an old sweater into a dress for my granddaughter.  For instructions, I turned to Make It & Love It.


First I found a sweater that I didn’t wear anymore.  Grant it, orange probably isn’t my granddaughter’s favorite color, but it’ll work for my first try.  I cut in about two inches and up the sides, cutting in a little at the arm holes.


Then I matched up the sleeves and cut them to a length that I thought would be appropriate for Twyla (my granddaughter).


Turn it right sides together and stitch up the sides to the arm holes.  I chose to use a zig zag stitch so that it wouldn’t ravel.


Put the arms in the armholes, right sides together and pin all of the way around.  I started stitching in the under arm where it wouldn’t show.


Turn it all right side out and you have a cute dress for a little girl:)


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