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How to make an inexpensive bouquet.

I would like to make flowers for my daughters wedding, but I wanted to make sure I could do it first.  So, I did what I always do.  Practice as cheaply as possible.

First I went to youtube and typed in “How to make your own wedding bouquet”.  Then I watched several videos, and I can’t link to just one of them because I drew something from all of them.  Now I had a rough idea of how to make one of those bouquets that are really full, with a thick bundle of straight cut stems that are wrapped in ribbon with a little bling added.

I went to Walmart, the only close place to shop around here, and I looked at their small selection of flowers.  I ended up buying a spring bouquet with some green flowers that I would “pretend” were green hydrangeas and a small bundle of roses.  I spent $9 on this practice bouquet.  The actual wedding flowers will be more expensive due to the types of flowers used, but stay tuned.  I may be planting the bouquet this fall & next spring. 🙂

Surprisingly, it was much easier than I thought it would be.  I made my center portion first by tying all of the green flowers together to make a mock hydrangea.  Then I placed flowers around the outside and stuck some down through the hydrangea portion.  I kept adding until it had the look I wanted.  I tied the center with florists tape and then taped after the addition of every 3 or 4 flowers to make sure it held steady.

Then I held the bouquet and measured and decided to cut all the stems even about 3 inches from the bottom of my hands as I wash holding it.

Then I wrapped ribbon around the flower and put in some pearl headed straight pins I had to look like a row of pearl buttons.

Here is the practice bouquet.  I thought it quite lovely and took it to my mom in the nursing home.  She told me later that she took off all that ribbon so the flowers could breathe and she cut the stems at an angle.  She was sure she had taught me that when I was growing up, lol.

flowers 3flowersflowers 2


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