Let's Get Crafty

Vanilla, Honey, Oatmeal Soap

Tonight I gave it my first shot at making soap.  Apparently, you can’t buy lye anymore because of meth-heads, so I bought some of the glycerin base at Hobby Lobby instead.  I want to thank The Collegiate Conquest for their informative website that gave me the courage to try this.


I’m not real into measurements, so you might want to refer to their site for actual quantities.  I bought some of the glycerin base and had some vanilla extract, honey and quick oats on hand.   You can use about anything for molds, but I bought these three at the craft store.  Make sure to rub a touch of olive oil in your mold before starting because this whole process moves pretty fast.


One cube of glycerin will make one bar of soap.  I used two for my first attempt.  Melt the cubes in the microwave at 30 second intervals.  It seems to take 30 seconds per cube.  Stir well.


I added about a teaspoon of vanilla and stirred it really well, then added about three squirts of honey and stirred it to beat the band.


Pour it in your lubed up molds.


Hurry and pour some quick oats on top of it.  Then the waiting begins.  Check them in about 30 minutes to an hour and see if they’ve set up enough to pop out of the molds.


Viola!  This was my final result!  Pretty darned happy with it.  It smells delicious and hopefully it can make me look young again!  LOL!


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