Let's Get Crafty

Mason Jar canisters: dorm-sized!

My daughter loves to make homemade chocolate chips cookies.   She is lucky to have a dorm “apartment” with 2 bedrooms and an open kitchen/living room.  But still, everything is tiny.

So the practical things need to be made pretty so they can serve double duty.  Usefulness & decoration!

We purchased 3 Ball jars.


I took some craft paint I already had and Morgan picked the colors she liked.


Then we just painted the jars.  Morgan painted them first and didn’t like the effect.  The new jars were kind of slick even though they had been washed several times.  So, I mixed the paints in separate bowls with a bit of plaster of paris.  This made a homemade chalk paint that clung to the jars a lot better.


And a close up of how the paint really made the wording pop!


Now I will just fill them with flour, sugar & brown sugar and she can have some pretty little mini canisters on her counter at her dorm.


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