Let's Get Crafty

Cut wine bottles: With twine & finger nail polish remover.

Well, my momma always said you shouldn’t play with fire–and last night I was definitely thinking she was right.  I have seen cut bottles used in lots of different crafty ways.  Most required tools to cut the glass and I would rather cut it without.

In a quick google search, it looked like a lot of people had success using string & finger nail polish removal and then lighting it on fire. So, I decided to try that.

I grabbed a Sailor Jerry bottle that I thought would make a cute candle cover because of the picture on the inside of the bottle.  I carefully cleaned one side of the bottle and left the label with the artwork alone.DSC00181

Then, I filled the sink with enough water to submerge the bottle up to the line I would wrap the string around and added ice to make sure it was good and cold.  It is the sudden temperature change from burning hot to ice cold that snaps the glass.

While the sink was filling, I had the string soaking in polish remover to make sure it was good and covered.  I had wrapped the string around the bottle 2x and cut that length off.


Now I was ready!  I went to the sink and with was a little bit nervous but I lit that string on fire.  And it went out. I did it again and held the lighter to it and turned it in circles.  It went out fairly quickly again, but it had burned so I gently lowered it into the water.  Nothing.

Off came the string and it was laid aside to be used later because I figured wet string wouldn’t burn well either.  I repeated this process and when it didn’t work, I tried white string.

In mounting frustration, I tried to put gasoline on the string and it still didn’t burn hot enough or long enough to break the glass.  I began to think I must have the only non-flaming string and acetone polish remover around.

I was digging through my craft supplies looking for some pure cotton string and came across a fluffy, fuzzy pipe cleaner with a bit of metal on the inside.  I decided to give this a shot.  I soaked it in remover, added ice to the water and lit it on fire.  Boy did it burn.  And burn and burn.  I decided it had to have had enough, and I dunked it in the ice water.

By this time, the loud crack was totally unexpected and I jerked my hand a bit!  I pulled the bottle out and sure enough it had broken–but in such a jagged line that it was unusable.  I am including a pic of it with the candle burning, just to show the effect I wanted to have if the bottle didn’t tilt to one side due to the uneven breakage.DSC00189

I set that outside and worked on a different project last night.  But in the night (when my best thoughts come) I remembered some fuzzy twine I had and thought surely it would burn.  And, maybe the Sailor Jerry bottle was too thick.

So this morning, I grabbed the twine and a Barefoot Pinot Grigio bottle and thought I’d give it one more try.  I soaked the twine, filled the sink with ice water, wrapped the twine around the bottle and lit it on fire.

When it burned out, I lowered it into the water and heard a solid crack.  I tapped the bottle gently on the bottom of the sink and it broke off in a near perfect line!  I was pretty danged happy when it worked!!

So, here is the finished product.  Happy crafting!  Once i decide what I wanna make (I’m thinking 5 pendant light for over the sink) I will post the final product.



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