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Upcycled bottles: Dorm Decor

I saw a picture of recycled wine bottles using twine and white string.  Unfortunately, when I clicked on the picture it didn’t take me to a tutorial–it was just a jpeg.

So, I decided to play with this today and see what I could come up with.  Since this was new to me, I forgot to take many pictures along the way.


I dug out 4 empty bottles, soaked them in the sink and scraped off the labels.  Some had a lot more stubborn glue–and I left the sticky on one wondering if it would help things adhere better.  (next time I will make sure to get all the glue off! It made it difficult to adjust the string on the bottle)

I purchased a roll of twine and a roll of heavy white string.  These aren’t really cheap–so I need to find a different supplier!

DSC00175I like to do things as easily as possible.  I needed to hot glue the first few rows of string–but didn’t want to glue…wrap…glue.

So, I ran one circle of glue around the bottom and as quickly as possible wrapped the 1st few rows.

After that–I didn’t need to glue again until I was 2/3 of the way up the bottle where it curved.

That bottom section went so quickly and easily I was pretty optimistic.  I just held the string in one hand, and turned the bottle with the other.


With the twine, I didn’t even need to make sure it was snug–I just twisted it and then would push it all down to make it even after I’d wrapped several passes around the bottle.  With the string, that did not work out.


When I got to the curve of the bottle though–things became more difficult.  It was all tight, smooth and looking like I wanted until then.  But that curved section was a doozy!  Even though I hot glued the string, it would still slide up the bottle and leave gaps.

Tony suggested that I start at the top and work down.  So, I tried that.  Again, it was great until I came to to the curve in the bottle.

Taking this apart after it was hot glued is difficult.  I might tackle that later, but I just glued more string in the gaps and called it good for now.

Next, my daughter Morgan glued white string on one bottle.  I couldn’t find the really thick string I wanted, so used something from the sewing section and it was too thin for this project.  It took quite some time to wrap this tightly–and the white string does not hide the excess glue as well.  So, make sure you use very small dots of glue when you glue it on.

Then, I went around the house & looked for other options for the final 2 bottles.  I ended up using the twine again–but skipped the center curved portion. On this bottle, that portion was very pretty and I think it turned out great!  I also did the same thing with some lace-like ribbon I had on hand.

Then Morgan and I tried to decide what to use to spell out “L O V E”.  She made the L out of twisted pink flowers that she made out of bias tape.  I braided twine for the O and she glue that to the bottle.  We used daisy buttons for the V since her nickname from her grandpa was Daisy–when she was little every outfit she wanted to buy had daisies on it. 🙂  And finally, the E was made out of twine as well.

I will show later how she made her pink flowers.

Below is the final product.  I hope you enjoy it.



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