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Upcycled furniture: Dresser to bench

dresser to bench

This is another recent project I wanted to share.  We moved and couldn’t fit all of our dressers in the new place–so we selected the best of the lot to use.

This was an old white & gold dresser with some broken drawers.  I decided to try and make it into an entry way bench.

So, I began tearing this apart: I took the top of the dresser off, took out the drawers and the supports in the center. Then, I had to call in reinforcements. I am not set up yet with woodworking tools and needed some help.  I also wanted to make sure if you sat down on this, you wouldn’t end up in a drawer. 😉

Tony turned the top into the high back, used an old shelf for the seat, sides of drawers for the arms, and bottoms of discarded drawers for the inside of the arms.

I then took some white paint, added blue & green craft paint from those little bottles, and some plaster of paris.  Before paint, it looked a little rough–afterwards it is a charming little entry bench!


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