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Kissing Ball: made out of tissue paper

Well, I have spent about 2 hours this morning trying again to upload the pictures of my 20 minute Kissing Ball project from last night.  I finally  have all of the pics up and ready to go. 🙂

Below are all of the supplies needed to make one kissing ball–except for one package of tissue paper.  I just purchased one bag of it in the gift wrapping aisle.



Tissue paper: one package.  I chose a package with light & dark pink tissue.  This will make your flower look more natural.

The green ball seemed small to me at first, but just wait until you see the completed project–it ended up about as big as a basketball!  I actually found this foam ball in the flower section–it’s made for real flowers, but was cheaper than the white styro balls in the craft section.

Then you need some ribbon (for hanging), florist wire, wire cutters and a glue gun.

That’s it!

2013-08-24 08.12.16I cut my ribbon a little longer than I thought I might need.  What you want is enough ribbon to tie in a bow and still have room to carry it, or hang it on the back of a chair or the edge of a pew.

Then, I cut about 4 inches of florist wire and folded it in half.

Next, you pull the ribbon through the wire.  Basically your wire is now in a V shape with the open ends at the top, and the ribbon just rests in the fold of the V.

2013-08-24 08.12.27

Adjust the ribbon so it is equal on both sides–otherwise your Kissing Ball will be a wee bit crooked.

2013-08-24 08.13.23

On the right, you can see where I tied my ribbon in a knot right to make sure it doesn’t slide around and become uneven when I put in in the ball.

2013-08-24 08.18.07Now it’s time to attach the ribbon to the ball so you can hang or carry it.  This is where the wire comes into play–I pushed the wire into the ball to make a bit of a hole and then squeezed some hot glue into the hole with my glue gun.  I also put a tad bit of glue on the wire–I want to make sure the ball doesn’t fall right off!

Just push the wire into the hole with glue in it, and push down on the knot in the ribbon.  This holds up surprisingly well, although I don’t recommend swinging it around by the ribbon. 🙂

2013-08-24 08.08.36

My tissue paper is a bit crinkly but that doesn’t matter at all.  This is one project that is very forgiving if you can’t cut a quite straight line or need to redo something.  The imperfections actually make it look a bit more “real”.

2013-08-24 08.09.22 2013-08-24 08.09.33

I cut the tissue paper into 4″ x 6″ pieces.  The width of your pieces affects how long your petals will be.  The length helps determine how big around your flower will be.  So, play with this and see what size you want.  Squares work as do rectangles–as long as the width and length are close in size.

Accordion fold 5 pieces of tissue.  I place the stack in front of me with a short end closes to me and started folding there.  I also alternated my colors: light, dark, light….

2013-08-24 08.10.43Cut a 4 inch piece of florist wire.

Fold it in half and slide the accordion into the wire.

Twist the wire (where my thumb is).  This just makes it more stable to push into the styro.

2013-08-24 08.10.33

Now you will pull the accordion folds open (see pic on right).  Do this gently so it doesn’t tear the tissue.  Don’t worry when the 2 sides don’t meet in the  middle–this will get corrected later.

2013-08-24 08.11.09Now the fun part!  You will start to see the “flower” emerge.

Hold the wire as if it is a stem.  Trust me on this, if you don’t do that, you will end up with an upside down flower & have to re-do it.

Now start on one side, and pull ONE piece of tissue paper up & separate from the other pieces.  The spot where the wire is attached around the tissue will be the center of the flower.

Continue until all pieces of tissue on both sides of the flower are pull to the center.  Now that you can see the flower, you can tweak things a bit.  Fluff it more here or there, push the petals together–whatever it takes to make it look right.

2013-08-24 08.22.47I used one bag of tissue paper cut into about 4″x6″ pieces and used 5 pieces per flower.  One bag made enough flowers for this whole ball.

I made the whole bag into flowers and ended up with about 20 flowers.  Then I just began pushing the wire stems into the styrofoam.  By now, the glue had dried on the ribbon and I was able to hold it by the ribbon and start pushing the flowers in.

I put 3 in a circle around the ribbon and then began adding more below.  It covers best if you stagger the flowers–on the row below, I put my flowers between the two above.

You can start pushing the wire in.  Don’t be afraid to push on the center of the flower to make sure it is all the way in.  If you smash the flower again–just re-fluff it!

I also flipped the flower upside down on the table to put the flowers on the bottom.  It turned out good. 🙂

2013-08-24 08.23.03

This is the flower on top of a Mason jar.  I might put them out like this pre-wedding.2013-08-24 10.23.32

On the right, it is hanging on the back of a chair.  I like this idea too.

The project was pretty quick & simple.

If you have other ideas or suggestions, please let me know!


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