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Felt Baby Booties

I’ve been seeing the cutest felt baby booties on the internet and decided I would try to make a pair tonight.

The site didn’t have a .pdf pattern, so I did the next best thing which was to print it off on heavy paper then cut the pattern out.   I chose some purple felt and orange embroidery floss to make my booties with.


I’m not much for pinning and cutting so I did the majority of it with a rotary cutter, then cleaned up the curves with scissors.


Pin the backs together first, then pin the front that overlaps.  Be sure they’re going the same direction.



After pinning all of the way around, you’re ready to start stitching them together.


I made a knot and tucked it in between the layers.  I also tied another knot because I like to be sure things aren’t going to come apart!  Stitch around the booties catching all of the layers necessary.


After stitching all of the way around, cut two 1″ pieces of elastic.  These go inside the front of the booties to keep the flaps from spreading all of the way apart and letting the babies foot fall out.

The booties on the site had really cute “x” marks where they sewed their elastic in place.  Mine didn’t turn out quite as cute, but I’m happy with the final result.



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