Let's Get Crafty

Bonus post: Inspirational sign

2013-08-24 08.24.02I made this sign at the request of my college aged daughter not long before we started the blog.  I don’t have pictures of the sign in the making, but thought you might enjoy the finished product.

I live out in the country–and seem to always have spare things laying around somewhere.  I just went out to the shed and found some old wood from a picket fence that was falling down when we moved in.

I told the handy guy in my life where I wanted the boards to be cut and he sawed them into the lengths I needed.  This is total guesstimation on my part–I just look to see what “looks” balanced and right–but if you want to re-create this and need exact measurement, I can post those.  Just as soon as I find my measuring tape!

I used an old brush that wasn’t good enough for walls anymore, but was perfect for this.  The paints are just left overs or small bottles of craft paints.

The words are free handed with a black magic marker.  I’ve tried paints/brushes, paint pens and found that nothing is as easy to work with as marker.  It looks like black paint on the sign.

2013-08-24 08.24.17

This is the back of the sign and shows how it is all attached together.  I laid the boards out on the ground and kept moving them left or right until I was happy with the way it looked.  Once it was done,  Tony took a 1×4 and screwed it down the center back to hold them in place.


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