Let's Get Crafty

Bandana Britches

I was thinking my granddaughter might like some pants made out of bandanas to wear playing in the yard.

All you need are two bandanas and some elastic.


Lay your bandanas out right sides together.


Fold them in half.


Cut a “J” shape in about 2″ and down 7-8″ through all four layers.


Open them up and sew the “J” openings together.  These will be the crotch of the pants.


Open up the pants and turn them 90 degrees so that they look like pants with the inseam not sewn yet.  Pin the inseam.  Start at the bottom of one leg sewing and work your way to the bottom of the other leg.


Turn the top down about an inch or two and sew for the casing.  Leave a small opening to insert your elastic into.


Measure the child you’re making the pants for.  Mine lives two hours away, so I just guessed.  Cut a piece of elastic the the measurement of their waist plus about an inch.  Run it through the casing and stitch then ends together using a zig-zag stitch.

After sewing the ends of the elastic together, stitch the casing the rest of the way shut.


Turn the pants right-side out and you’re done!  A cute pair of pants for a lucky little boy or girl:)




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