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Wedding centerpieces: flowers with floating candles

My daughter is getting married next year and as soon as she was engaged we began pinning all of our ideas.  With her in California, her future sis-n-law up north, and her sister and me in Kansas–this was the perfect way to share ideas.

We 3 are the ones in the family that enjoy crafting, so we get the joy of making things for the wedding.

One thing I saw were centerpieces made with flowers, stones and floating candles.  I started pricing all of this out and was shocked to learn that one small floating candle could cost $1.50 a piece.  Add a nice glass container, artificial flowers and some rocks and these little puppies wouldn’t be cheap.  It wouldn’t be so bad to make a couple, but for centerpieces it could sure add up.

I was pretty sure I could find a way to do this cheaper, so I gathered up “practice” supplies from around the house.

These are my jars:

2013-08-22 19.47.25

I am recycling all of them.  The tall one on the left was a vase that came with a gift of flowers years ago, the next squarish one I’ve had for years and used to hold rocks (which I’m using too!), the next one was one of those wooden wick candles that was empty, and the final one was a Dollar General candle that had passed its prime too.

2013-08-22 19.48.24Then I gathered up fake flowers.  Some were from old swags and the one I used in the tall vase I purchased at the Dollar Tree for $1.  All of them had hard plastic stems.  I just cut the ends off so they were the right height for each jar.

2013-08-22 19.49.48

The shiny glass looking rocks came in a bag from the Dollar Tree too.  The other actual rocks have been in my house for years.  I have had them since my kids were little–and they are all raised up now!

Now that I have all of my supplies gathered up, I am just going to assembly line these.  Since this is just for practice and basically free, I’m not too worried about it.

2013-08-22 19.55.36

So, I added my rocks.   I just put in about an inch worth in each jar.  You can add more or less.  Just play with it and see what looks “right” to you.

2013-08-22 19.59.19

After that I poked in the flowers.  All I did was poke the ends in amongst the rocks, hoping this would hold them in place.  If you don’t have stiff stemmed flowers, you can attach washers to your flowers with fishing line and secure them that way to make sure your flowers don’t float to the top.  If you do that, put your washers in first and then cover them up with rocks.

Then I took them to the sink and filled them all with water to about 1 inch from the top of the rim.

This next step may take a bit of work, but what I did was take an old white candle that no one ever used.  It was in a 4 inch or so round jar.  I took a butter knife and released the candle from the sides of the jar like I would release muffins from a pan.  Then I cut the candle into 1 inch thick slices.  The bottom slice had the entire wick which I then cut into sections and pushed back into the other slices.

This is the finished product with the candles lit up.

2013-08-22 20.05.34

Not too shabby considering it cost me a whopping $2 to make and I reused a lot of things that would have otherwise been wasted.


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